Community is at the core of Resonance.

In our last journal we shared some of the regular daily actives we enjoy together – gardening, caring for the land, cooking and eating together.

We have chosen to be here because of the opportunities to live at a higher vibration. So what else do we get up to?

Living in such a beautiful part of the world, we often go hiking together and soak up nature. The trails here are outstanding, from the deep jungle to ocean views. Costa Rica is globally renowned for its wildlife and you never know what you might spot, from sloths and monkeys to toucans and green iguanas.

A few times every week we explore the area on motorcycle rides. It’s so much fun and, especially now in rainy season, we always get caught in the rain adding to the adventure!

When the travel restrictions are not in force, small groups of us go on border runs to Nicaragua to renew our 90-day visas. Visiting our stunning neighboring country is a lot of fun!

Nourishing mind & body

Physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is important to us and, other than regular meditation and yoga, there are options to take part in Tesmescals (sweat lodges), fasting and enjoying Costa Rica’s natural medicinal clay.

Tesmecals are really special and involve cleansing, sweating like crazy in a sweat lodge, which eliminates toxins and tests our mental and physical strength.

Some of us do a 4-day dry fast alone in the jungle once a year that is pretty intense.

And did you know that Costa Rica has its own ‘healing clay’? Vida Blue Clay comes from a remote location deep in the Costa Rican rainforest and is used as a medicinal naturopathic remedy.

We are fortunate to have a special place, our ‘Cosmic House’, where we can go to nurture our souls.

We often go there during the day and night, sometimes even we spend the night there, and light a fire, talk, listen, meditate and enjoy this peaceful time.

Lifting our spirits

Of course, we have a lot of fun! We have regular night gatherings, where we come together and talk, dance and laugh. We have a wood fire pizza night, play authentic relating games, we go camping, star-gazing and enjoy sharing stories.

We make time for cultural discussion and have cinema night screenings, where we watch an interesting documentary and talk about it. At Resonance, we are open to individual views, and enjoy respectful discussion to develop our compassion and understanding.

Celebration and music lift us higher and we attend lifestyle and music festivals, such as Envision in Uvita, Ocaso and BPM in Tamarindo. We can’t wait for these events to be back on our calendar, hopefully in 2021!

Feeling the vibration?

Our life as a community is full. Each of us here has made the conscious decision to seek out a new and better way of living and we love it.

Are you feeling the vibration? Are you ready to join our tribe?

Comment below and let us know!

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