Our neighborhood is comprised of 200 agro parcels for CoLiving and CoFarming in harmony with nature. Directly across from our 800 acre Experiential Adventure Park


The world is changing and people need to adapt to the current situations we face. We are creating a decentralized sovereign community to help those shift to a new better world. Be part of the change you want to see by becoming part of our community.
Resonance Hermosa Neighborhood Aerial View
Property ownership of an acre+ (5000SM) agro parcel with interlocking paver roads, hydrants, water, electricity and fiber optics. CoFarming is optional and property management is available. Build on 15% of the land and reforest/farm the rest.

Co-Creating 6 Areas of Decentralized Sovereignty


The state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings. Connected to Spirit.


Have easy access to clean water in our community via wells & rivers.


To be an autonomous and independent CoFarming community in relationship to diet, health, and nutrition.


Living connected to mother nature & having our own secure land.


Alternative Energy refers to energy sources other than fossil fuels & nuclear. This includes all renewable sources.


An alternative to Big Data. Our own independent ecosystem servers powered by Renewable Energy & Blockchain.

Retreat Residences

12 Ocean View Home Sites with turn-key building solutions. Property management and Retreat Center access. Join Resonance Rental Management program for income producing opportunity.

resonance co farming community

CoFarming Neighborhood

Join the coop and establish food sovereignty. We offer turn-key solutions to get you started on your agro parcel. From short term harvest such as vegetables, to long term fruit trees, we manage it.

Nature Park Community

Our active adventure park offers canopy/zip line, horseback, waterfall rappelling and much more. With 800 acres (350 hectares) we have a white canvas to sustainably develop what we dream of. Investor opportunities available.

CoWorking & Living

No matter what stage of your life journey you may be in, Resonance has something to offer. Short Term & Long Term rental solutions subject to availability.

Seeking a New Way of Life?

Join our decentralized co-creating new world community

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