For some years now I have been feeling the growing need and interest in somatic therapy forms, integration work & complementary coaching for those wishing or having worked with the grandmother vine.

My own journey has shown me the crucial importance of this kind of work and I have received lots of feedback on the positive, long term impact of my clients, to achieve changes and improvements in their life and their relationships.

I myself have struggled to find authentic integration, applying my insights from ceremonies and making the changes I wanted to. What truly marked the difference was the support and guidance of others, that have been through these processes, mentors that also were/ became friends. I realized by observing these people that there were key elements I was lacking in my life and practices that only became evident once I opened up to work with more experienced friends and coaches.

This sparked my journey of coaching work, somatics (felt experience) and embodiment practices directly connected to the plant medicine work. Over the last 3 years I have been exploring the golden thread that connects all these modalities and ultimately connects all spiritual and conscious practices.

This is opening the door to a new chapter in my life:

With great Joy I am sharing this new chapter with you all.
A new chapter within the team of Resonance CR as the lead facilitator for pre & post retreats, accompanying individuals before and after their transformational experiences.

It is an honor and a challenge I am excited to rise to, studying more in depth and distilling my personal and professional experience over the past few years.

After my studies under Diana Dokos, founder of the Bodhi Bridge, I am honored to be working with another great organization dedicated to the awakening and growth of human consciousness.

My intention is to be at service, to learn from those wishing to learn with me and to walk the beauty way, in right relation with this world and the earth.
To sing and celebrate life.

To share the joy of breaking ancestral chains, negative believes and destructive patterns.

For there is nothing more beautiful then to free ourselves and meet others from that space of genuine empowered freedom and love.

In Service,
Felix Larisika

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