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When you become a property owner with Resonance, you unlock a world of advantages and opportunities that go beyond just owning a piece of real estate.

Resonance Neighborhood

Resonance Neighborhood is a gated community spanning 120 hectares with 200 well-designed lots, offering ocean and mountain views, riverfront properties, and agricultural plots, while emphasizing sovereignty over land, water, food, consciousness, data, and clean energy through sustainability and innovation. Embrace a balanced lifestyle at Resonance, where sustainable living, natural beauty, and a close-knit community come together in perfect harmony.

Dos Colinas

Discover unique residential lots nestled in a private nature reserve overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. With scenic trails and a regenerative farming operation, Dos Colinas offers a harmonious lifestyle for remote work, active retirement, or family living. Our circular economy approach values people, the planet, and profit equally. 26 carefully curated lots on 43 acres await your coastal dream at Dos Colinas, where sustainable living meets paradise.

Beach Club Residences

“Místico” is a timeless haven where cherished experiences unite. It’s a place where nature and humanity harmonize, teaching people to tread lightly on Earth. With an eye on the future, it seeks to inspire generations. Residents share values, living in serene coexistence, savoring moments, and preserving modern comforts while staying rooted in nature. The central design essence is water, adapting, flowing, and preserving echoes of time.

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Welcome to Indio Project, a captivating 6.7-hectare riverside development featuring ten modern lofts with one or two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and stunning 180-degree views through sliding glass doors. Nestled along the scenic riverbank, this visionary project harmoniously blends urban sophistication with natural beauty. The lush landscape hosts 200 trees from 80 unique species, creating an environment that seamlessly merges harmony and verdant beauty.

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