Our Ethos

Our Ethos is simple. Less environmental waste, more personal growth. Resonance is uniting a conscious community of Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Nature Lovers and Alternative Thinkers. All set on making this world a brighter place to live.

Retreats & Gatherings

Join Us In Resonance. Costa Rica is calling you home.

Vision of Resonance

At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. With goals to live as an inspirational and integrative community. Committed to working, living and learning together.

Redefining Work

Have you been dreaming of working online while enjoying a tropical paradise? Do you embody a lifestyle of conscious living and are looking for similar minds and hearts to share your dreams?

Impactful Events Lead To Deep Connections

Spiritual Retreats

Allowing you to dive deeper into personal growth and understanding, spiritual retreats can enhance your inner growth.

Yoga isn't just exercises, It is a way of life. Detox is more than a cleanse, it is a lifestyle.

We seek adventure through the body, and exploration through our minds. By diving deep into mother nature we re-embrace the roots of our human nature.

We are shifting the paradigms of conventional construction. We utilize alternative building models such as bamboo, cob, adobe, straw bale, Hemp, and Tadelakt.

3 Steps your customizable event experience:

We want to make this as easy as possible for you to learn about the options we offer. Follow these steps to begin:

Get to know us by signing up for our monthly newsletter with calendar of upcoming events.


    Step 2: Schedule a 15 minute “Discovery Meetup“ with a Resonance Guide

    In the Discovery phase, we will be discussing the current “on the ground“ projects we have going along with some question for you. The questions will be to learn what work we have available that is inspiring and calling you to work with us and grow.


    Step 3: Book Your Trip; Pack Your Bags; We'll See You Soon!

    3 Ways To Help Us Build Our Community

    Choose how you want to be a part of our community. Clear expectations is a key to healthy growth. What lifestyle bests suits you?
    • Growth Potential
    • Work Exchange
      • Perfect candidates are self starters looking to make a positive impact on the world
      • Multi-Taskers WANTED!
      • Help with Marketing for Resonance – Gaunacaste
      • Will include light-heavy construction work and/or farming
      • Unlimited Growth for those willing to put in the hard work on the ground
      • Must be ready to handle different jobs
    • Social Interaction
    • Co-Living
      • Live in our conscious community while running your online business
      • If you have gained financial independence and are looking to share community with like-minded people.
      • Partake in the wonderful Life/Work balance that we are building 
      • For Business owners and digital nomads
      • Surround Yourself with liked-minded entrepreneurs
      • Enjoy the local services such as meditation, yoga, and spiritually guided retreats
    • Community
    • Co-Working
      • Fully Furnished Villas With Modern Amenities
      • Each Villa Has Its Own Private Internet Connection
      • Printer, Projector and LCD Screens in our coworking office
      • Regular Community Events and Meetups
      • 3 Swimming Pools
      • Onsite Restaurant