How did you find out about Resonance?

Take a moment to consider what has brought you here right now. 

Are you yearning for a different way of existing, living and working? To co-work and co-live with other like-minded people in a supportive, nourishing and inclusive community?

The universe has a wonderful way of tapping into our unconscious dreams and offering up opportunities if we are brave enough to seize them.

Often the fear is too much and the opportunity slips away for the moment. But the dream is still there, tapping away and repeatedly drawing our attention back.

Do you feel it too?

A conscious community

The team behind Resonance CR seized their opportunity and have created a soul-inspired, conscious community of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, innovators and leaders from all over the planet.

At the very core of Resonance is the value of Conscious Community.

One of the founders of Resonance, Danny Yepez, shares his thoughts on what it means to live in a conscious community:

“What I like about Resonance is the acceptance that everyone is at a different stage, and all are welcome.  

We have vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and carnivores.  Some compost all the time, some when convenient, some never.  Some are conscious of fast fashion and some aren’t.

We are all open to information and new perspectives that may or may not change our current decisions from unconscious (I didn’t know that), to negative conscious (I now know but am not ready to make the change), to positive conscious (I know the impact and have made changes to better myself, those around me, the environment, and sentient beings).

I make unconscious, negative conscious and positive conscious decisions every day. I make small changes here and there, big changes every once in a while and am kind to everyone regardless of their decisions.  

I still eat meat but have changed the way in which I do it.  I have significantly reduced my meat consumption, shop at the Green Market, and make my own coconut milk but I still consume cheese.  

I carry bamboo straws and a to-go container with me when I eat out to reduce waste but when I forget my bags at the grocery store I sometimes get plastic…and then use them as my trash bags.  

I am a work in progress. There is a lot to learn and we are here because we want to improve and make more positive conscious decisions. There are strict communities in Costa Rica that I admire. Currently, I would not be accepted there.  And that is okay.     

Our Conscious Community does include yoga, meditation, contemplation, plant medicine, and self-discovery.  It is also a group of people making big and small decisions that positively impact the world. And we attract and want to continue to attract all types of people, who in between wanting to make the world a better place, also like to have fun.”

“I am a work in progress”

If we are kind to ourselves we will admit that we are all works in progress.

Key to a conscious community is respect and understanding for everyone’s unique journey.

The team behind Resonance CR invite you to share your journey as we all move towards positive conscious decision-making, based on what is good for us, other human beings, the community and the environment.


Are you feeling inspired to reach out to Resonance? 

We would love to hear your stories. Where you are now? What are your dreams? And on the other side, what are you worries and fears? What holds you back? 

Reach out and comment on the blog.

Connect with our community and reach for your dreams.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

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