It has been six precious weeks so far that I have volunteered at Resonance Retreat

Center. I have given my own title as “Space Holder” camouflaged as the bartender serving high

vibrational, complementary fruit juices to guests. What exactly is a space holder, you may ask?

There are different definitions depending on the context and situation, but my personal definition

is “one who listens with an open-heart, non-judgemental, with an eagerness and innocent

curiosity about the other’s experience.” It is listening with 100% focus on another human being.

With no other agenda but to be there fully present and in the moment with the other as they

process whatever they need to process.

Humans have a deep need to be heard and seen; this is just what this volunteer position allows me to do.

I have the privilege of hearing these guests’ most hidden secrets, childhood traumas, questions, pains,

joys, dreams, and remarkable revelations. They arrive on day one as strangers, and only after seven

short days do we share tearful goodbye hugs. Time is simply an illusion and what these guests experience

consciously working on their wounds, beliefs, or confusion about what they really want in life is

breathtaking to witness, to say the least. I now call these weeks that I serve “my heart-expansion week.”


The guests who come to Resonance fly from all over the world to unite on one journey of

self-discovery. They take off their masks from back home as doctors, business owners, pizza

delivery men, multi-millionaire, prestigious performers, and retirees, to one of fellow human beings,

having a human experience. I have noticed over the weeks that it doesn’t matter what

educational background, net worth, or social status they arrive with; they all seem to have the

fundamental same core human wounding and desires. As a space holder, I intuitively ask

thought-provoking questions, offer my own intuitive insights, and simply listen and cry along with

them. Other times, we share fun stories to bring laughter back to the conversation. When people

feel safe to be heard, there is a space created for them to tap into their deepest desires,

needs, and dreams. I believe everyone has their own answers to their questions within, if only they

give themselves an opportunity to slow down and truly listen.

This volunteer work is also what I do in my day-to-day profession as an Intuition and

Empowerment Coach. I work with burnt-out business professionals, entrepreneurs, and

employees looking for more vitality, clarity, balance, and joy in their life. Not everyone

has the luxury of flying across the world to spend seven days at a high-end retreat center,

overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica to get the answers they have been searching for.

Coaching can be done in any area of life, whether relationships, career, purpose, physical

health, or self-esteem, to name a few. It is an outside, objective person there solely with the intention

to hold space as you process frustrations, upset, or confusion. Coaches also can reflect what

they see without the emotional charge loved ones so unapologetically offer. It is a weekly safe

place to take off the mask, the title, and the fears and step into your true power, knowing, and




Intuition is our best friend and only wants the best for us. When we work on actively

trusting the way we receive intuitive messages, our lives become easier as we step into the

cosmic flow. You have all the answers you are looking for. Gift yourself with the investment to

yourself whether going on a 7-day transformational The Guide Inside Retreat at Playa

Hermosa, Costa Rica, or an online coach to work one-to-one on a specific area of your life. Any

time invested in yourself has the power to ripple out and serve the world. One of my favorite

quotes by Howard Thurman is, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come

alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”



Resonance Retreat Centre has six main pillars, one being Consciousness: The state of being

awake and aware of one's surroundings. Connected to Spirit. If you would like to learn more,

please contact: Co-Living (


Article written by Canadian-born author, Jadi Kindred, an entrepreneur, world traveler, and intuition coach.

Jadi wrote Intuitive Business Connections: Grow a business from zero to six figures in an

intuitive way. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, and business professionals

live more intuitively and authentically and have a balanced, joyful life. Feel free to reach out to her



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