Some potential benefits of co-living include: 1. Strong core value systems - coliving environments encourage values such as openness, collaboration and socialism. Its the village of the olden days but wearing a brand new suit where you can choose like minded neighbours. 2. Kinder to the Earth - There is frequently an Eco association to coliving spaces. Perhaps due to the common association with 1960s activist led communal living which sought to rebel against the establishment. Although more importantly than this there is a positive correlation with those who foster a more conscious approach to living generally and that of more responsible waste management/food usage. 3. A more supportive environment for raising a family - It stands to reason that children raised in a cross cultural community can gain a much more diverse and openminded perspective but it also can help alleviate some of the duties of parenthood, by sharing childcare responsibilities. 4. Pesticide free crops - Ok, so not every every co-living community has the inclination or ability to grow their own food but for those who choose to live off the land then having more control over the quality of their food is a huge pull. 5. Group activities held in close proximity to where you live - Your friends living really nearby vastly improves your social life. How many plans get cancelled due to the effort of actually getting somewhere? Exactly. One of the reasons for the longevity for occupants of blue zones is that longstanding friendships are formed, providing a strong social support network. This element can be a really wonderful part of community living.

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