“In one day, I made the trek from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific coast via bus, an 11+ hour ordeal. It was exhausting to say the least but well worth the efforts. 

My friend’s partner is a man of BriBri ethnicity, an indigenous culture in Costa Rica. I was told we were coming out for a ceremony but what I got was the most enriching and expansive experience of my entire 4 months spent in Costa Rica. 

There were four BriBri men here building an Usure in the jungle for the Resonance community to use for ceremonies. When they picked us up at the bus stop, we were told that they would actually be teaching us and letting us help to build the Usure if we were interested. 

It has been a major intention of my travels to connect with and learn from indigenous cultures and experience a different way of life, so I was quite excited by this invitation. I was told that only the BriBri are allowed to build them and provide maintenance work, so it was very special to have the opportunity to help construct this indigenous cosmic house.

I spent two weeks living with and learning from these men of Bribri culture. Immersed in their way of life, I learned about their culture and customs, listened to countless stories and was engulfed in their traditional music. 

There were four BriBri guys here, ranging in age from 23 to 34 years old, who had been building the Usure for one week. Living with them for this time completely shifted any preconceived notions I may have held of indigenous people. 

I enjoyed the simplicity in their way of life and how generous, down to earth and lively they were. I could listen to their stories for hours and I don’t think I could ever tire of their music. 

What really struck me was the energy embedded in their storytelling and their music, as it is woven deeply within their cultural roots and carries much more significance than the type of music I was used to.

The first time I saw the Usure, it was about halfway completed, and I was completely in awe. I stood there, feeling the energy of this indigenous structure, gazing at the massive Guanacaste tree behind it, lining up perfectly so that it appeared to be growing out of the top of the Usure. 

It was such a beautiful sight to behold, I became engulfed in the energy. It is centered in a clearing just off the hiking trail in a beautiful, lush jungle filled with vibrant colors and a richness that can only be felt by being there. It is the perfect location for this special, indigenous ceremonial structure.

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