Immune Boosting Weekend

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So what is all this talk about Kambo, and why are so many people seeking Kambo’s healing powers?

Kambo is a popular healing frog from the Amazon that has gifted thousands physical, mental, and spiritual healing!

Although Kambo may be known for its intense, but short lived process of extreme discomfort, many alternative medicine enthusiasts swear by Kambo’s miraculous healing abilities.

Across the world, Kambo has been reported to have cured and treated the following:

PTSD – Fertility Issues – Painful Periods – Infections – Diabetes
Chronic Pain – Anxiety – Depression – HIV – Arthritis – Cancer
Herpes – Candida – High Blood Pressure – Fatigue
And Much More.

One can certainly expect to receive a powerful boost to the immune system, possibly the most powerful on the planet! Kambo is truly an amazing healing treasure from the rainforest.


Kambo is also known for its use for treating chronic physical pain and addiction (recreational drug, tobacco, alchohol dependence).

Is Kambo right for you? If you believe optimal health, rejuvenated cells, heightened energy, and a boost to your immune system is desirable, then that’s an emphatic YES!



Our weekend includes one Kambo Session with 2 night single bed (basic) and breakfast.

You can request an upgrade to a fully equipped villa with private kitchen with essentials and bathroom.


You can contact us via WhatsApp +50688180262 or


There is also the deep cleansing effects for the physical body as well. Kambo cleans the liver, the blood, the lymph system, the kidneys, and more. It is considered one of the strongest natural medicines for empowering the immune system. The medical benefits of kambo are extensive and highly impressive. Yet beyond the data and research collected from studies and laboratories, I can attest to witnessing real life healing and transformation. I have seen firsthand people set free from addictions, depression, apathy, pain, allergies, hormone disorders, nervous disorders, immune deficiencies, cancer, unhealthy and abusive relationships, digestive troubles, and much more.