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We’re truly building something special here at Resonance Costa Rica. And we want to share that something special with you! Sign up to join our mailing list below and we’ll make sure you’re at the top of our list when we send invites to special events, retreats and gatherings here at our high vibrational community and retreat center. Become a seed planter and life changer by referring your friends to our upcoming gatherings! For any peeps who participate, we’ll share the love and put $100 in your pocket. Abundance for all is the world we’re creating!

The Power of Collective Intention

As a community, we collectively set an intention of a growth edge to lean into and explore together each week. When a group of individuals is working together toward a common goal, the energy is potent and exponentially powerful! We take this community intention and embody it through weekly practices like tea talks, authentic relating games, active listening, yoga and meditation practices, journaling and reflection and work to apply the knowledge to our everyday life and interpersonal relationships. We notice the teachings and their impact.

We’ve focused on things like balance, boundaries, owning our experience, nonviolent communication, self care, time management and expressing our truth. And we’re always taking suggestions! Complete the form below if you have an insight or recommendations for upcoming themes. Each week, we share our intention with our online community via our newsletter. We invite you to join!

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