Relocate to the Beach and Work Remote

Helping transition your life to live anywhere

It may seem like a bold move to leave the city, when in fact, you’ve been craving this all of your life.

Choose from these accommodations:

Bedroom Shot - Femine

Private Villas:
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath

In our community, our guests enjoy an incredible experience of rest and relaxation.  Each bedroom includes: A/C, ceiling fan, a comfy queen bed, & closet.



Private Villas:
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

All our villas offer  exclusive and peaceful environment, 3 community pools, & are 5 mins away from the beach.  Enjoy nature while entertaining modern comforts.

House - Front View Pool

Private Homes:
Multiple Options

Secluded in the privacy of your own property, experience a more intimate home away from home.  These houses have lush jungle or ocean views & many have a private pool.

Work From Home In Paradise

This year has given us the freedom to create a blueprint for a new work/life balance.  It’s clear that remote working is open to more people than we realized.

It all comes back to connection.  Connect with our friends, families and neighbors.  Reach out through a healthier digital lifestyle and spend time with those that inspire us.

Get Worked Up To Wind Down...

What if we regularly checked in with our values and considered what is important to us? Are we allowing enough time for rest, creativity and personal growth? How can we rebalance our lives to ensure that we are living our best life? An ideal world would allow space for us to work, rest, spend time with our families and pursue passions.

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