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Tish Natashia Steenkamp

Role: CoFounder

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

Tish was born and raised in South Africa, her travels began at age 18, she lived in England for two years, sailed to many different countries and studied with different indigenous tribes internationally.  She now calls Costa Rica her home after nesting full time in paradise for the last 6 years. She spends most of her time in Uvita de Osa.

Personal transformation story: 

My soul was calling, I just kept looking down instead of up!

My external world wasn’t in alignment with my internal one.  I suffered from depression, addiction, and eating disorders.. I knew my soul was calling for change but fear was all I knew until I remembered that I had a choice!

In 2012 I had to surrender my planned life, to make room for the unknown and uncertainty.  The “perfect” life I was told to create all came crumbling down. It felt liberating and earth shattering. I worked on sailing boats for a few years traveling around the world and then landed in Colorado Aspen where I spent two years working for a spiritual author, basking in skiing, hiking the majestic mountains of Colorado , connecting with community, learning about spirituality and diving deep into yoga. The road of self-discovery continued.  I realized that while I felt separate, I was actually part of a greater whole, or oneness. I was learning yet also remembering my true essence.

In 2015 I traveled to Costa Rica for the second time and I experienced Envision Festival for the first time,  I planned on returning back to Colorado, however, upon my return, I was denied entry back into the States due to visa restrictions.  I was not allowed to collect up my belongings, I lost everything and had owned and had to start a new chapter with my backpack on my back.  I then decided to create “Follow Your Bliss Retreats” and planned my first yoga retreat in Panama on a sailboat.

I had to overcome this fear of “failure”, I realized life experiences are here to shape me, to teach me, there is no need to shrink or feel shame.  God’s glory is manifesting within me, I had to keep shining my light, get back up and try again, so I can give others permission to do the same.  I began to learn how to step into my power wholeheartedly.

My life’s mantra“Sat Chit Ananda”, translated to “Follow Your Bliss” encouraged me to move through these challenging times with ease and grace.  I believe that we can change the world by being more conscious and authentic. Every experience is an opportunity for growth!  I believe that we each have a light within us wanting to guide us home, all we have to do is shine our unique light, walk through the shadows with love and compassion.

I believe that every moment is a miracle, We are here to manifest of a new earth, where we can love each other, follow our joy and live in community.

My joy is my purpose. My challenges allowed me to embrace the life of my dreams, I fall and get back up again.  My passion is to work with women, facilitating them in the “remembering process” of our true authentic selves.  We heal through our wombs and connecting our hearts and wombs with Gaia. I’m grateful for all the teachings from the plants, my teachers, guides and soul family.


Why be a part of this Resonance Movement?

During my time in Costa Rica, nature has taught me so much about moving with the seasons.  Honoring times of harvest and rest. There is chaos, there are cycles and there are winding paths, each “change process” is unique.  Nature has taught me how to be present within each season, without being present with each other and the seasonal cycles we experience lack in harmony, physically, mentally and Spiritually.  I’ve come to realize how important community, ceremony and celebration is to our efforts to transform the world and come back into harmony with the earth and each other. We are all interwoven and connected like the Flower of Life that our logo symbolizes creation and unity of everything.

What is the 5 year vision for Resonance? My dream has always been to live in a community where people can explore their own transformation and healing.  As we transform we see more things that need transformation, within ourselves and the world. Everything, given time and nurturing is moving toward balance and healing. I believe that Resonance is a movement, and I envision a community that  yield ourselves towards wholeness and evolution for the greater good of ALL beings.

Tish Steenkamp

Seedstarter | Retreat Specialist