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Terra Entheos

Role: CoFounder | Community

Where are you from & where do you currently reside?

Terra is originally from Canada and moved with her husband and eldest son to Costa Rica to have their second son.  They have lived in Costa Rica for 6 years.

Personal transformation story:

Terra is a mother of three with a passion for lifelong learning, spiritual expansion, and practical integration. After completing university she decided to backpack around the world for two years to really put her education to use.  After 27 countries and many wild stories she returned to Canada to invest her energy in supporting people in crisis and transition. For years she facilitated suicide intervention training, as well as, being a certified community resource specialist able to help someone navigate the complex network of social services.

Her experience in the crisis field led her to understanding many societal problems are a barrier to wellness. Terra was a founding member of a transformational dance community called ARCA (Actualize Resonant Collective Awareness)Tribe in Edmonton, Canada.  She produced quarterly events, festivals, and retreats to honor the solstices and equinoxes.  This desire to initiate change within the social fabric led her to community organizing and working towards building on common interests between multi-stakeholder groups to affect positive social and environmental change.  After a disheartening loss in a local farmland campaign, the growing family decided to move to Costa Rica.  This was an opportunity to deep dive into a much needed restart.  It has been an ongoing journey of reflection and integration over the last six years of living in a foreign country, becoming residents, having two home birth babies abroad, learning a new language, navigating bureaucracies, schools, starting businesses, and working for Envision Festival in a myriad of roles.  The future looks bright for this family as they ground their intentions for a better world by serving the land which they have been called to steward and inspiring those feeling the call of Resonance in their hearts.  Terra is ecstatic to be co-creating a magical playground of inspiration and transformation.

 Why be a part of this Resonance Movement? 

Terra’s vision for Resonance is to see it become a self-sustaining demonstration center and village where people of all walks, ages, races can live in harmony with themselves, each other and the planet. Where needs are met collectively and people are thriving because of a commitment to collaboration, deep listening, and respect for all life.

 What is the 5 year vision for Resonance?

That the Resonance movement has spread to other countries and people are co-working, co-living and collectively co-creating their dream life that is in balance with the earth.  That we are hosting life changing retreats, immersions, and internships through our commitment to life long learning and personal development. The focus of Resonance is on service, reciprocity and inspiring others to be the change.

Terra Entheos

CoFounder | Community