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Chris & Kassandra Sulfa

Role: CoFounders | Digital Strategists

Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

From Sydney Australia and currently residing here. Currently embarking on the transformation of the digital nomad life and leading others that are able and willing to follow suit.

Personal transformation story: 

In 2016 Kassandra started a spiritual community in a space called The Temple Surry Hills. It hosting many different events, workshops and classes from homeopathy, indigenous culture to energy healing.

Kassandra has been very fortunate to work with some of the most amazing teachers in shamanism to esoteric spiritual science. Kassandra lives in the art of service to humanities evolution and it’s ascension through the new earth paradigm shift.

In 2017 Chris opened a studio loft space called Studio Blueprint. After hosting events from The Temple and working with like minded individuals the birthing of a conscious philanthropic community took shape.

Chris is now part of various thought leading groups that are working towards building networks and education programs so people can leave the current socio economic paradigm to work for themselves.

Why be a part of this Resonance Movement?

Kassandra: it has been a vision of mine to be part of a group that is creating a space for the future of humanity and our new way of being that encompasses the earth, creativity and working together.

Chris: living the ‘Pura Vida’ has been a dream and being part of a way of life in Costa Rica that is growing authentic connection, personal development, work/life balance and nature sounds like the pure life to me.

What is the 5 year vision for Resonance? 

When I see the future of Resonance I see it becoming a benchmark or lifestyle choice for humanity and it’s potential. Many people are ready to take the leap but are searching for the platform.

We have technology and social media as our allies to provide social proof that it is possible to be the change you want to see. This project for me is set to be a global movement that empowers others to become ambassadors of the principles that we adopt in whichever way they can show up for it.

Where there’s a will there is a way and if people make a choice to be part of something that can free them from the illusion and the corporate paradigm then more will follow.

Chris & Kassandra

Seedstarter | Digital Strategists